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Culture Cargo Cult, founded in London, England, was created to give a platform to writers and artists.

In this digital age especially there’s an ever increasing amount of people working away at creating good things in isolation, often things which don’t find any easy home within the mainstream of the culture industry. Like any zine or blog we want to push that work out to new audiences, to share what needs sharing and show just how deep and wide the creative pool runs.

Our tastes are eclectic but selective. Predominantly we’re looking for poetry and short prose but visual art is welcome too, as are lyrics which can stand alone on the screen – we don’t differentiate between a talented poet and a talented lyricist.

While we’re open to submissions from in any genre or form it’s probably worth mentioning that we’re not all that interested in work which has a clear commercial focus. Your work should be created because you needed to create it, not crafted to hit a particular market (although good luck to you if that’s your thing).

Our plan is to publish new work as frequently as we can although we don’t work to any set schedule. In future we’re open to releasing collections or focusing on larger projects, as well as collaborating with authors who’re interested in creating more major works of their own. For now though it’s all about finding our feet and seeing what’s out there.

If you’re interested in submitting your work head here.

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