Culture Cargo Cult

Welcome to Culture Cargo Cult! Things are just starting up here, we’ve only just opened up for submissions and the job of spreading the word is the main focus at the moment. This isn’t a big project, in fact it’s basically a one man show for now but going by past experience I at least know that there’s good writing and art out there waiting to be shared. Finding it and helping it find an audience is the first step.

For now all I want to do is see what people submit, see what stands out and start posting and promoting it. In the future though there’s, potentially, a lot more I’d like to do.

As an advocate of self-management for artists I’d like to build up a way to promote peoples self/indie published work through the site for one thing. I’d also, possibly, like to help people pull together their work into collections or books too. Not as a vanity publishing thing, or as a paid service, but as a collaborative process to help present new work in new (and old) mediums. At some point down the line it’d also be good to put together some collections that draw in numerous contributors to the site as well but again, the job for now is just to spread the word and see what comes in.

Just to give a bit of background on who I am – well, I’m Dylan. I’m a Creative Writing graduate, I’ve written a couple of books (which I won’t plug here) and dabbled in visual art too. I’ve also got experience in editing and formatting books. Helping promote other peoples work though is just a labour of love really. I used to follow the free/Creative Commons music scene fairly closely and over the years it’s dawned on me just how many great pieces of art I’ve found that either never reached a wider audience or, worse, disappeared completely after a brief presence online. It’s left me believing that it’s down to all of us to create platforms and promote those great things that people are working on in digital isolation, not as an exercise in marketing but as a kind of communal participation in the artistic process.

Anyway, enough of that, if you’re interested in submitting to CCC you can do so here and if you know anyone who might be please feel free to spread the word.

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