Roho by Jon Bishop

Jon Bishop’s work has previously appeared in outlets like Laurel Magazine, The Penmen Review, Boston Literary Magazine, and Fourth & Sycamore. He lives near Boston, Massachusetts and blogs regularly at 

Twitter  @jonjosephbishop

Roho, I hear you
in the whisper of the wind
through the crisp autumn leaves,
in the quiet hum of the heater,
in creak of the floorboards
of the house we once shared together.

How long, now?
Seven years?

But only five minutes ago,
I was telling you
that I didn’t want to talk,
that I just wanted to sit and watch
my show, damn it.

Roho, come back to me.
Break through the walls of time
and touch my hand,

and then pull me into the sky
where we can dance in the clouds
and you can tell me stories again.

I promise I’ll listen.

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