All submissions should be sent to with the title ‘Submission + (Poem/Prose/Art etc)’.

Written submissions should be sent in the body of the email, images as pdf, jpeg or png files. Unfortunately we’re unable to accept work that has been previously published elsewhere (including personal blogs/accounts).

All submissions should include a brief bio, written in the third person. You can also list up to two links to your own site/social media/work for sale etc. We also appreciate it if you can follow us on social media when you submit, if your work’s accepted it allows us to mention you when we post it. If you’re submitting written work and have your own images to accompany it then feel free to attach them, they do have to be yours though – if it’s someone elses work then we’ll require permission directly from them.

We have no limitations on content or explicit language but our interest in erotica is minimal and our interest in anything promoting or endorsing racism, sexism or general bigotry is zero.

You will retain copyright for all submitted work, if you’re working with a Creative Commons license we’re happy to list it under that too.

We’re unable to provide feedback on submitted work except on rare occasion.

Unfortunately we’re unable to pay for any submissions because there’s no money to pay with. If that should ever change then so will our policy.

No simultaneous submissions please.


We’re open to all styles of short prose but we do have have an upper limit of 1,000 words. We are, potentially, open to serialised pieces which are longer but only after having accepted shorter work of yours previously. If we’ve shared your work already feel free to enquire about other projects you’re interested in sharing.


You can submit up to three pieces at a time in any style. If you have any structural formatting or stylistic ideas for it feel free to mention it in the email.

Visual Art

For visual art submissions we are happy to present them as they are but we may also ask to use your work in conjunction with written submissions if they seem to fit any given piece. You can submit up to three pieces at a time but just let us know if they’re part of a wider collection that you’re interested in sharing so we can respond accordingly.